Roberts Street by Steve Domoney Architecture



Steve Domoney Architecture has designed beautiful house located in Roberts Street, Melbourne, Australia.

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Being Inactive for Such a Long Time…

You know what makes me fucked up.

Hello, sorry for being inactive to post on this blog.
But i will try my best next week though.
I’m having final exams at the moment to conclude my last year of high school studies. I’m having a TOEFL test too this Sunday, so I’m very busy right now. Working on many TOEFL exercises and studying for my final exams.

Hope the best for me and my friend 🙂

Andreas Kusuma

My Folder Have Gone Missing!!!


I’m very frustrated right now because my one and only precious red folder have gone missing from my bag. It contain many homework and exams and I still need many of them. I have asked and checked the security and the office at school but they didn’t have it. I feel like a little lost today and right now I don’t have the material I need for tomorrow’s test. It’s very very very very very annoying!!!!!!! 😦

Red Folder?? DUH?? Where are you!? 😦

I’m not really in the mood to write right now because of this damned folder. So I’m very sorry and will continue the story tomorrow.

Night Guys.